I'm Nila Krachtin and I work with Steel, Enamel and Illustrations in Amsterdam and I feel very fortunate to be able to make things again.
It started in an old stable in a northern German village with a big anvil, a rusty hammer and anything metal I could find. Champagne muselets, tomato paste cans, resistors, transistors and ornate keys all ended up more or less wearable. The plan was to apprentice with a goldsmith, but a teenage rebellion eventually put me on a plane to New York City to join a rock band and tour the country. 
After 25 years of very loud music, many self made T-shirts and some unexpected twists and turns I finally got back to the (not rusty) hammer. 

I learned from:
Adam Clark, Scintillant studio, San Francisco
Christine van der Ree, Emailleur, Amsterdam 
Eline Pellinkhof, Illustrator, Amsterdam
via Metalwerx, Boston
Member of the Guild of Enamellers UK.

I admire the work of:
René Lalique, The Glasgow Four, Christopher Dresser, Michaela Frey, Mark Poulin, Joanna Nealey, Eileen O'SheaPeggy Bannenberg
and my wonderful teachers.

I happily endorse:

Thank You!

Decal class with Christine van der Ree

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